How to bleed a radiator in ten easy steps

How to bleed a radiator
How to bleed a radiator

What you need to bleed a radiator

  • A radiator bleed  key 
  • A cloth or an old towel to catch an drips
  1. Turn your heating on.
  2. Feel the top of every radiator (don’t burn yourself) and check for cold spots
  3. Turn off your heating and wait till your rads are cool.
  4. Grab your bleed key and old cloth for catching drips.
  5. Insert your bleed key into the radiator bleed valve, holding your cloth underneath.
  6. Carefully turn anti-clockwise to open the valve and listen for hissing as the air escapes.
  7. When water comes out, turn the key back clockwise to close the valve.
  8. Repeat on all radiators with cold spots.
  9. Check boiler pressure and rebalance & repressurise if necessary.
  10. Kick back, relax and get cosy.

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