Heating services in Hemel

Heating services Hemel Hempstead

Heating services in Hemel 1At Top Plumb we offer all types of boiler installation, and are experts in combi boiler installations that help you achieve better energy efficiency and heat your home more effectively.

For Heating services in Hemel Hempstead contact Top Plumb.

Boiler installation Hemel, Berkhamsted, tring.

New Boiler Installations

We are dedicated to provide our customers with the best products available, it is for this reason we only install boilers from reputable manufactures that we trust.

We are proud to be Gold rated Accredited Installers through the Worcester Bosch Accredited Installer Scheme. We work closely with the manufactures to ensure we are ahead of any developments within the industry. This also enables us to offer extended warranties and discounts.

Heating services Hemel, Berkhamsted, tring.

Central Heating Maintenance Services

Whether carrying our a new installation or a replacement, we always act in the best interests of the customer so will carry out a full assessment of the existing system and provide honest advice tailored to your needs.

Boiler maintenance and servicing

Boiler manufacturers recommend regular servicing to prolong the life of you boiler and for you safety and peace of mind. We can service any make or model of gas boiler.

Physical check

Unlike many plumbing companies who simply use a gas analyser to check that your boiler is burning correctly, our service includes a physical check of the boiler and all safety components as well as cleaning inside. A full boiler service also involves dismantling and cleaning the boiler components (e.g. filters etc) before recommissioning.

Landlord certificates

Landlord certificates are available promptly and our pricing structure proves cost effective.

Spread the cost of boiler servicing

Heating services in Hemel 2For peace of mind, and to spread the cost of boiler maintenance, take a look at our Care Plan packages.

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We are a Nest Pro installer

What is a Nest Learning Thermostat?

The Nest Learning Thermostat is a programmer and thermostat in one. It learns the temperatures that you like in your home and can program itself accordingly. It can also get to know your routine in order to turn down the heat when you’re away and turn it up when you’re back home. Amazingly, it can also be all controlled from your mobile phone, laptop or tablet!

If you want to be more eco-friendly the Nest Learning Thermostat can also help you do this. It can show you how much heat you have used over the last ten days and give you an Energy Report every month so you can then track and manage your energy use. Anything that can reduce your energy bills has got to be worth looking into further!

At top Plumb we have a qualified Nest Pro Installer who can give you more information about the Nest Learning Thermostat as well as install it in your home.


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