Oil and LPG heating services in Hemel

Oil and LPG heating services in Hemel 1With a large amount of Off-Gas properties across the South East relying on oil and LPG heating, it is important to make sure these appliances are serviced regularly and are well maintained.

We know how important it is to make sure that your family is warm and cosy. We are also passionate about helping people cut energy costs so that you have more money to spend on the more important things.

Qualified fitters

Our Calor and OFTEC registered Engineers  provide extensive knowledge and expertise to service and maintain your LPG or Oil appliance. This reduces the risk of expensive breakdowns and ensures it is working as efficiently as possible.

When it is time for a new LPG or oil boiler, our expert engineers will ensure that you get the best boiler possible for you and your family’s requirements. From combi boilers to unvented cylinders we will help design a bespoke systems for maximum performance, and efficiency.

Loooking for 0il and LPG heating? Contact Top Plumb.

What is LPG?

Oil and LPG heating services in Hemel 2LPG is a versatile fuel that offers all the benefits associated with mains gas unlike the oil alternative. It provides instant, controllable heat, so hob cooking is just like cooking on mains gas.

LPG appliances work in much the same way as mains gas appliances. The fuel is stored in a tank at the property, as opposed to being delivered through a pipeline.

We work closely with LPG providers, and can assist in liaising with them and arranging a survey.

LPG tanks can be purchased—or in some cases rented—from the gas supplier. LPG tanks are often situated above ground. If you are concerned that the tank will take up space or be unsightly, there are underground LPG tanks available. The LPG provider will discuss all of the available options with you when carrying out a survey.


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