Swimming pool heating

Why choose Top Plumb to heat your swimming pool?

At Top Plumb we specialise in heating swimming pools with renewable energy solutions. With our hybrid heating solutions we can offer realistic savings, whilst also reducing your carbon footprint.

We are commercially and domestically gas registered, and we also hold Oftec qualifications, so we can work on oil too. Essentially, there isn’t a heating source we can’t help you with!

Contact us with photos of your setup, and information about your pool’s dimensions and we will let you know how we can help.

What size of boiler do I need for my swimming pool?

Top Plumb can do the maths to ensure that the right size boiler is installed for you. To do this accurately we calculate the heat loss from your pool and the usage throughout the seasons.

With these calculations we can then determine the right heat output for your pool. This works the same for indoor pools and outdoor pools of any size.

What type of swimming pool heater should I chose?

There are many products on the market ranging from solar panels, heat pumps to high efficiency GAS/LPG condensing boilers.

We will discuss which product is right for your pool, whether you anticipate making any future changes and how to run your pool in the most cost effective way.

Our aim is always to ensure efficiency, using renewable energy solutions. 

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